Persona and Scenario Practitioner Inquiry

Nick Trendov wrote:Lene,as a story teller I appreciate your persona descriptions highly.I have used stories, personas and scenarios for over 15 years in business and will teach an advanced Analytics and Scenario Analysis for Competitive Advantage at the University of Toronto in early 2008.

My contribution to the topic is the ability to link stories and numbers via personas with this simple mantra–

Tell a story twice and a process is documented, three times and software is written, four times and brand value is created, five times and a measure or KPI is built.

Any suggestions to persona or scenario links would be appreciated, especially any work that may be related to the ability to deliver knowledge or training in a highly accelerated manner.

My goal for the class is to use my persona and scenario experience to deliver knowledge and tools to the class on the same topic very, very quickly.

Good luck with your work!


Your approach is very interesting. I have recently started to cooperate with Zentropa Interactive, a branch of the Danish Film company Zentropa, to add more expertise on storytelling to my personas courses. A year ago I did a survey on personas and scenario articles on the net.

I am not sure you will find what you are looking for as most articles are from a IT perspective. The one who has written most extensively about scenarios in IT is John Carroll, maybe you will find some of his works useful. He does not have the personas perspective though.

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